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My name is Robert Stempien, I am a writer, composer, musician, and amateur audio engineer. I love Free Software and libertarianism. I am here to sell(and sometimes give away) music, stories, and other content, free of any copyright, or Digital Restrictions Management.

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The hatred of SUV's is a hatred of private property rights, bouegeoisie culture, and humanity itself

March 23, 2014

I have found lately a popular hatred or strong dislike of the class of automobiles known as SUV's. when you can get passed the smugness of their demeanor you get to arguments that on the surface seem like harmless Euro garbage, but when you look deeper you see some very destructive thinking. I'm gonna go over some common anti-suv arguments and dissect them, I'm not gonna cite any sources because most of these arguments I have gleaned have come from forum posts that I don't want to find and I don't find it appropriate to repost words from private individuals onto something like this blog.


1. They are wasteful/excessive: I do not understand what is wrong with excess, it is part of acquiring personal wealth, and it is a big part of modern society. Having more than 3 pairs of clothing is excessive, or having a large house, or a house in general really. This same argument is often used against gun ownership and really private property rights in general.

2. They are not very fuel efficient: This on the face of it is a legitimate criticism, unless a diesel engine is stuck into one of these the fuel economy is simply dismal. But most critics don't stop there, they go on that individuals some how are hurting the rest of us for driving it, and then they seem to hint that consumers should be restricted by law for driving such a vehicle, or at the very least car companies should be restricted from making them. Which really means they think a gang of criminals should coerce people for their decision.


3. Rich stay at home moms drive them: This is the most disturbing criticism of them all. The critics sneer and hate on families where the dad has enough money to let the mom stay home and take care of the children, comparing her to a spoiled child. I can't imagine what kind of childhood these people must have had to look down upon a healthy, well off, independent family.

And here is where we get to the deeper level of their criticism. The hatred of the SUV is the hatred of of family, and the bourgeois, capitalistic culture that allows families to form. These people hate it because this environment breeds healthy peaceful children that don't need the state, and we can't have that now, can we?

The most hypocritical part about these people is a lot of them are big fans of sports cars, even though they really do not need the nimble handling and cornering abilities, nor the powerful engine. I guess sports cars get a pass because they represent excess in the high class European way, and because they aren't at all useful for families, being that most sports cars only have two seats.

Me personally, I'll take the big excessive car, house, and guns, and lots of other consumer goods, and any left wing critics can go fuck themselves and suffer in their dilapidated commune.

Libertarianism is not left or right

January 27, 2014

Many people explain libertarianism as being socially Liberal and fiscally conservative. Because we are against both drug laws and gun laws mainly. Besides the fact that most left wing liberals support the war on drugs or at least heavily regulated drugs and most right wing conservatives aren't against most guns or at least want to still heavily regulate them.

This definition is fatally flawed though, because it completely misunderstands libertarianism. Libertarianism is more rightly defined as the belief in the nonaggression principle and property rights, no where in this is liberalism nor conservatism. Libertarians do not want low taxes to conserve government finances, they want to abolish taxation sense it is simply extortion under a new face. Libertarians do not want to legalize gay marriage to make social toleration of everyone a social norm it says the government should get out of marriage because the state, a criminal gang should not be involved in a moral institution that is high above it in the first place and force its version of that institution,(Whether it is the secular tolerant new kind of marriage or the traditional religious one) on people at the barrel of a gun.

People come up with this definition because they cannot think out of the traditional left-right spectrum, so they feel libertarianism somehow can fit into this spectrum when it simply does not. The left right spectrum is a propaganda tool to make people think statism is some how too faces completely different from each other and the great ruse keeps people distracted. The real separation is between politics and anti-politics, coercion and noncoercion.

Its important that one does not even have to be culturally liberal to be a libertarian, you could be a racist tight ass baptist that excludes everyone off of his property who isn't a racist tight ass baptist or you could be a super PC tolerant free sex hippy who lives in a commune and shares and tolerates everything and still be a libertarian, you just have to recognize the nonaggression principle and private property rights through homesteading, so you have to not force your weird ass cultural beliefs on everyone else.

The Stemp Show Episode 12

January 27, 2014


Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle poverty in inner cities.

2. Those pesky nonfree trade agreements.

3. Why can't more video game companies release their source code?


The Stemp Show episode 11

January 14, 2014

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle the Oceans.

2. Obama is a war criminal.

3. Spying on your own people is treason.

4. The FSF has almost reached its goal!


The Feds are illigitimate no matter how you slice it

January 2, 2014

I am of the outspoken belief that the state is not legitimate. All governments to me are simply criminal organizations, they steal from people through taxation, kidnap people for hurting themselves, and front massive financial ponzi schemes. Infact, I would go as far as Stefan Molyneux and feel that states do not actually exist, organizations that call themselves states are simply criminal gangs that have brainwashed people.

Most people, infact a large amount of libertarians believe in the legitimacy of a certain type of government, through the social contract. A lot of Libertarians believe in a Lockian social contract where governments are established solely to stop other violations against peoples property rights, and if a generous minority of people consent to this government the rest of the people can be forced into "Consenting". I don't believe this but I respect it more than other social contract theories.

People who believe this theory tend to have some support of the government and feel it has legitimacy if it just follows the constitution, but I am here to say that even if you follow that theory you should still view the current federal government the way I do. Before the Constitution, there was the Articles Of Confederation. It set up a much smaller government then even what the Constitution sets up. One of its provisions is that to make any amendments it requires 13 out of the original 13 states to approve it, and only 9 states ratified the Constitution. Therefore, the Articles of Confederation is the only legitimate law of the land and any other kind of government is an illegitimate criminal gang. 

The Stemp Show Episode 10

December 20, 2013

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle NUCLEAR FUCKING WEAPONS!!!

2. Don't hate on Phil Robertson.

3. Snowden Isn't the criminal, Obama is.

4. Music and Free Software.


Prison reform

December 5, 2013

I encourage everyone to watch this video to completion, its of the Stanford prison experiment, and it can be quite disturbing. This experiment has incredibly eye opening results, that randomly selected sane individuals can act as disturbed and sadistic as in a real prison shows that the environment, not just the anti-social personalities of the prisoners and people who want to guard help to make it such a depressing place. The only solution to this is prison reform, Libertarian style! I already covered this is in my podcast but it deserves a separate entry.  The concept of a government prison is flawed from the beginning. It rests on coming to peoples houses, kidnapping them at gunpoint, and putting them in a cage. Sometimes for fake crimes like smoking Marijuana or real crimes like murdering someone. I have already stated the libertarian solution for people getting restitution for crimes committed against them through private courts and private security agencies. I have also mentioned a libertarian solutions to criminals still being there after the crime being where society ostracizes them and prevents them from coming onto their property. This still leaves the problem though of these people, especially the crazy ones, will have no where to go. This can be solved by facilities I feel will arise called reform facilities. Criminals can go here on the condition that they have to be watched by a guard, have to receive counseling, and they might be able to do some work for some money, sounds sorta like a prison right? Except it doesn't have the kidnapping, sadistic guards, or shower rapes, facilities that have some of these won't be very popular. I think the concept of liability insurance will be popular in a free society, offering to bail you out for the restitution if you hurt someone, but part of the contractual agreement would probably entail having to go to one of these facilities, because the insurance company would not want customers that actually initiate force. If this is really not something you can support there is always the old Japanese solution of leaving prisoners basically to starve to death, hoping that their family might bring them some food. Its immoral but not as bad as what we have now. One thing is for sure, the current system cannot continue, its insulting and wrong to the victims to force them to pay for their perpetrators housing, its wrong to kidnap people even if they commited a crime and it leads to making the criminals worse.


The Stemp Show episode 9

December 5, 2013

1. Don't worry the market will handle prisons.

2. the unaffordable care act.

3. Support the FSF's efforts to keep the Internet free.


The Stemp Show episode 8

October 9, 2013

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle plagues

2. We lost the Silk Road

3. Government Shutdowns are good

4. GNU is getting older.



Stay shut down

October 5, 2013

Nothing warms my heart more than watching evil people fall flat on their faces. That is exactly what happened to Obama and congress with this government shutdown. Its amazing the kind of propaganda around this though,  people keep saying, "OMG is there anarchy now!?" First off, its scary that people think our societal harmony depends upon the health of a large criminal gang, and second, this government shutdown is really a misnomer. Lots of things are shut down, like the national parks, but emergency services like the police will keep running, and sadly, welfare checks will continue to be sent out. It is still blocking the activities of the feds though, and I think that is great. I hope the Government remains shut down for good. Oh, and to the people complaining about the national parks being shut down, they really should be privatized. Sell them to environmentalist organizations like Green Peace who will take care of them better than the government, or, if the idea of privatization really scares you, let the states take them over.

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